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Field Data Collector

Location: Multiple Locations

We are looking for a Field Data Collector in various locations. As a part of this role, you will have a significant in gathering valuable information to help with the promotion of our brand and company.

**Job Overview:**

We are seeking a part-time meticulous Data Collector. The Data Collector will be responsible for gathering, organizing, and inputting data accurately to support our operations.


- Drive locally and collect data from local stores and input it into spreadsheets

- Organize and maintain data in an efficient and secure manner

- Utilize computerized systems for data collection is preferred

- Reports to summarize collected data

- Ensure data accuracy and integrity through regular checks

- Assist in clerical duties as needed

- Driving/local travel is required

**Experience: **

- Proven experience in data collection or related roles is preferred

- Proficiency in using office software for data entry and analysis

- Strong organizational skills with attention to detail

- Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

- Familiarity with clerical tasks and maintaining accurate records

This position offers an opportunity to contribute to our organization's success through accurate data collection and organization. If you have a keen eye for detail and enjoy working with data, we encourage you to apply for the Data Collector position.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract


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